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Repayable home repair grant - enquiry form

The repayable home repair grant is a form of financial assistance provided by Leicester City Council to qualifying owner occupiers to help them bring their homes up to, or towards the 'decent homes standard'. You should complete this form if you are interested in finding out whether you would qualify to be considered for this type of assistance.
The grant has to be repaid in full when the house is sold or when there is a 'transfer of ownership', such as when someone inherits the house. If you have any concerns about taking up the offer of a repayable home repair grant you should seek independent specialist advice.
Date of birth
Date of birth
Do you receive one of the main means tested benefits included in the list below?
If you do not receive any of the above means tested benefits you will need to provide details about your income and savings for which you will need another form
If you need any more advice or information please contact the Renewal and Grants service, Housing Division, Ian Marlow Centre, 57 Blackbird Road, Leicester, LE4 0AR or you can email Our telephone number is 0116 4545106
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