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The Children and Young Person Acts 1933 and 1963 The Children (Performances and Activities) (England) Regulations 2014

Standard Child Performance and Activities Licence Application Form (England)

Note: this form should be completed and submitted to the licensing authority not less than 21 days before the first performance or activity for which the licence is requested, since the licensing authority may otherwise refuse to grant a licence.

Part 1: Information to be provided by the applicant about the performance or activities

Note: it is best practice that organisations that involve children in performances, paid modelling or paid sport have or develop a child protection policy, regularly review and update it, and ensure that all staff and volunteers are familiar with it.

It should not be necessary to provide a script – the description of the activity and context is more important.


This might be because the filming schedule cannot be fixed in advance, or the activity is dependent on weather conditions. See paragraph 1.7.2 of the advice issued by the Department for Education.

9) The amount of night work (if any) for which approval is being sought and please state:

For these purposes any performance taking place after midnight and before the earliest permitted hour counts as an extension to the previous day. E.g. if the child performs on Tuesday and then performs after midnight, in the early hours of Wednesday, that counts as one day (Tuesday).

The local authority may want assurance that there is a good reason why the child is asked to take part in a performance or activity at night.

i.e. if it is an individual what is their relationship to the child, or is it a company or organisation and if so, what is their relationship to the child?

13) Proposed arrangements (if any) for the education of the child during the period for which the licence is requested stating -

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