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Request For Free Bulk Collection

You can use this form to request a free collection of up to 5 household items once every 2 months. We can also take a fridge/freezer and up to 15 bags or bundles of garden waste once every 2 months. We collect items within 5 working days, and will let you know what date your collection will be by email or phone.
The types of household items we take include beds, chairs, some electrical items, carpet, sofas, tables and bagged or boxed general waste.
We do not collect asbestos, or any very large or heavy items. We do not collect fixtures and fittings such as bathroom suites.
See the comprehensive list of what we can and cannot collect. If you are unsure if your item can be collected, you can call us on 0116 4541002, 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday


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Collection Details

15 black bags or bundles of green garden waste are collected every 2 months. For more than 15 items of green garden waste please contact the Waste Management Service Line on 0116 4541002.
5 items of bulky waste can be collected for free every 2 months. For more than 5 items of bulky waste please contact the Waste Management Service Line on 0116 4541002.

Describe the items


All items for collection need to be accessible on the day of collection from 7.00 a.m. onwards and any gates should be left open as necessary. Please indicate where these items can be collected from. Please note if access can not be gained to these items and it is necessary for the collection to be re-arranged you will incur a further charge.

Fridges/Freezers must be empty before collection.

An 'item' of garden material is one which is bagged or bundled securely and can reasonably be lifted by one person. Branches or twigs should be no more than 1 metre in length. Paving slabs, bricks, rubble, soil, or cut down trees are not accepted by this service. Garage doors will not be collected.


This service is for residents only. We do not collect from landlords.

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